I am a digital photographer living in London. I have been interested in photography for many years but only recently started practising it in earnest. When the world shut down during the pandemic, it gave me a wonderful opportunity and a good deal of quiet time to focus on my photography.

I particularly love being outside in nature which is a good thing because my favourite subject matter is trees, all trees, in all seasons.

I love to capture the moment as I see it. The simple compositions often reveal something more complicated when analysed in detail. Photography allows me to translate my observations visually onto paper so that others may see what I see. My Reflection series for example includes a collection of images that tell a story that is very different from the actual object being reflected.

I also love it when someone else sees something totally different to what I see whilst looking at the same subject – a face in a tree, a shape in a shadow, a story in a reflection - and provokes the question “What is it we truly see in front of us?”.

A unique moment, captured in a photo, that will never be repeated but will last a lifetime.

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